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Our wider consultations have demonstrated that all the stakeholders we have consulted so far are in favor of this being addressed. In outline the intention is to create a Public Private Partnership in the form of a “Company Limited by Guarantee” that will manage some of these issues. We propose to create a “Lake Naivasha Safety Security Corridors & Conservation & Community Management Group (LNSSCCC Management Group) that will draw partnership from various stakeholders that include; LNRA, Imarisha, Nakuru County, Fisheries, Administration Police (Office of the President), Kenya Wildlife Service and Communities to work on this. It is an ambitious project, which will require extensive consultations. These consultations are still ongoing but we will ensure all stakeholders are included and expect this to evolve into a tangible project by the end of 2017. Our objective is to secure the safety of all vessels and the crews using the lake for we have had periodic accidents where vessels capsize with some being fatal. Securing the safety of all users ranging from, vessels that engage in fishing, tourism and sport is essential as we strive to promote Naivasha as a preferred destination. This can only be attained if we have a safe, secure, and well conserved systems thus securing investments and wildlife is essential. Implementation of this concept will focus on a wider range of actions including conducting capacity building of the wider community.