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In essence the Nakuru County Government envisages Naivasha becoming an Ecotourism and Conferencing Destination although this Master Plan has not yet been ratified by the County Assembly. Nevertheless one of the biggest concerns is that the master plan does not seem to take account of the potential impact of pollution from the various Geo Thermal Power projects that are underway together with the plans to invest massively in industrialization. Several concessionaires have been appointed and our concern is that pollution such as most notably that from Sulphur and other industrial Emissions need to be closely regulated and controlled if we are to avoid Naivasha “smelling of rotten eggs and being the victim of acid rain” which in itself has the ability to negate the entire master plan. We intend to engage proactively with the various players to ensure that this is suitably addressed. Pursuant to this, we are in the process of developing a concept that will help establish a long-term pollution monitoring programme. To begin with, we intend to carry out an Ecological Risk Assessment that will help us map and identify high risk elements and compounds that are in use around and might compromise the health of these ecosystems. This would help us develop element/ compound specific pollution monitoring programme and deviate from the current black box approach of monitoring anything and everything. We target to establish partnerships with donors, experts, research and learning institutions as we strive to initiate this ambitious programme.