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This was inspired by the need to enhance wildlife conservation amid increased anthropogenic pressure on existing natural resources. The changing landscape as a result of the rise in human population and expansion in development around the lake warrants for a strategy to establish a balance between development and conservation. By connecting these ecosystems, the Association will help cushion the lake and other delicate systems from negative implications brought about by socioeconomic developments. As investors plan to expand and establish industries within southern side of the Lake Naivasha Basin it is projected that cases of human wildlife conflicts, poaching, pollution and fragmentation of ecosystems will be a reality. The need to establish controls to cushion the lake and adjacent ecosystems from collapse that may result of the projected pressure is inevitable. The Association has actively engaged with other stakeholders and partners including Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, the Rhino Ark Foundation and private land owners in connecting Eburru forest ecosystem to Lake Naivasha. We have actively engaged with the Roads Department to develop a strategy for Over/Under Passes on the section of road between Green Park and Kongoni to help ease wildlife crossing of the busy road. We’d like to mention the good work by Loldia who we have been working closely with together with the Roads Department and Rhino Ark to develop an Over Pass on the section of road passing through Loldia and the creation of a game corridor from Loldia up to Eburu Forest. The corridor is now largely complete while the overpass designing is work in progress. Many thanks to all those involved in this visionary step forward. In ensuring the success of this project, we have extensively engaged in baseline research studies to monitor wildlife interaction within the larger ecosystem among other variables.