Ban On Night Fishing

The national government has outlawed night fishing and seining in Lake Naivasha. This came as the department of fishing announced the lake closed for seven days to facilitate a major clean-up targeting old nets and restocking. According to the Department of Fisheries, some licensed fishermen were seining, which involves fishing along the lake shores.
In a notice, Naivasha Sub-county Fisheries Officer Nicholas Kagundu warned that any fisherman involved in the illegal trade would have his license cancelled. Mr Kagundu added that no fishing should go on along the shorelines or in areas where the water was one meter deep. BREEDING ZONES “Some fishermen are involved in seining around the lake, which is illegal.
Anyone caught will be arrested and prosecuted,” he added. Kagundu added that it was illegal under the law to fish in identified breeding zones. “Fishermen should keep away from the mouth of River Malewa, Korongo, Oserian Bay and Crescent Island, which have been earmarked as breeding grounds,” he said. “The (clean up) will involve removing all the dead nets in parts of the lake that have affected fishing before we can start restocking,” he added. On restocking, Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association Chairman David Kilo said fishermen had contributed towards buying 500,000 fingerlings. Mr Kilo said an increased number of fishermen had put pressure on the lake hence the need for restocking.

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